Get Your Own Han Solo Cosplay

When it comes to Star Wars, we believe fans are able to talk about it for many days. Though the first Star Wars movie was released over 40 years ago, the sequel and derivative works to it are kept renewing even now.

Han Solo is one of the most famous Characters in Star Wars. His cool costumes have also attracted cosplay lovers. In movies, the character was shown in different ages but actually the main pattern of his coordination was about the same, Jacket, Shirt, Belt with Holster, Pants and Boots.  

We have three versions of Han Solo costumes, from A New Hope, Empire Strikes and Solo: A Star Wars Story. To tell the truth, for making the costumes, the challenge is mainly the belt as we only specialize in cloth. The original version is not so nice in appearance as a result. After endeavoring to it for several months, we finally get an updated belt for Han Solo made in metal.  

To meet the demand of more Star Wars fans, we will keep renewing and improving. If you have any thoughts about costumes, welcome to discuss with us.

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