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Prince of Stride (プリンス・オブ・ストライド Purinsu Obu Sutoraido?) is an otome game developed by Kadokawa Games and Vridge for the PlayStation Vita, first released on July 30, 2015. The game is based around the fictional extreme sport of “stride”, which is akin to the real-life extreme sport of parkour. The series revolves a team of six to run a relay race through a town. An anime television series adaptation developed by Madhouse entitled Prince of Stride: Alternative (プリンス・オブ・ストライド オルタナティブ Purinsu Obu Sutoraido Orutanatibu?) began airing on January 5, 2016. A spin-off manga entitled Prince of Stride Galaxy Rush launched in November 2015 in Dengeki Maoh.


Hōnan’s Stride club is so small that all members automatically enters into the Shogi club (which only has Ayumu) as well since each club must have at least three members.

Nana Sakurai
The protagonist. She’s a hardworking girl who’s moved alone from Hokkaido to Tokyo, and has transferred to Hōnan Academy due to her admiration of the old Stride team. Soon after joining, she was given the position of the relationer of the Stride club by Fujiwara as well as her role as a manager.

Riku Yagami

Riku is another freshman who becomes friends with Nana on their first meeting. He is cheerful and friendly, also has good motor skills. He loves all kinds of sports except Kabbadi, and wishes to join all of the sports club in the school. His family runs a bakery and his older brother is Tomoe.

Takeru Fujiwara

Always cool and stoic. His only interest is stride. In middle school, he was a famous stride player. He usually wears glasses with no frames on top, but during practice he uses contacts. He seems to have strong faith in Riku’s athletic ability as Riku finished in a dead-heat in the 2-on-2 race against Heath. He tends to feel people’s legs to determine their talent. It is later revealed that he can’t swim.


Hozumi Kohinata

Looks cute, loves collecting small animal plushies, but actually loves terrible jokes and wants to work in the theater. Even if he’s injured, he always carries a smile. The caring eldest son of a big family. He especially cares for Ayumu. His technique is such that he relies more on acrobatic parkour skills rather than running speed to overtake others, thus being touted as “The Trickster of Hōnan”.

Heath Hasekura

Leader of the Stride club. Full of manly spirit, he has a dependable aura. He’s half British and has two sisters; one is president of a company, the other is a model. Heath himself also models sometimes against his will. He didn’t feel practice was necessary since the club doesn’t have enough members to even race, and thus was de-registered by the Japanese Stride Association (JSA).

Kyōsuke Kuga

former member of Hōnan’s stride club. He’s considered a failure of Hōnan’s system. Mostly a loner and considered mysterious in most ambits.

Ayumu Kadowaki

He is a passionate Shogi player first, self-proclaimed “King” and leader of the Shogi club (the only true member), reluctant runner second. He has green hair and wears glasses. He was a relationer last year, and relayed information to Heath and Hozumi in the 2-on-2 race. He then contemplated quitting the team and the Shogi club because he has no talent as a runner.


Yūjirō Dan

The coach and advisor of the Stride team. He often speaks using four-character idiomatic phrases.



Team name: Galaxy Standard, which is also a idol band, and is the first rival of Honan, having been matched up on their debut match.



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