Zootopia Review


Cool new world, interesting story … good for kids and maybe adults too

I’m an adult who generally likes action and sci-fi movies. I’ll go for an animated movie if I it has great reviews and people say it’s enjoyable for “all ages”. That was the case here and – yes, I found it entertaining.

It’s basically a story about evolved animals that live in a harmonious, modern-age city called “Zootopia”. It’s “harmonious” because predators and prey live and work together without stereotypes and labels.

Well — that’s what everyone wants to believe, but reality is a bit more messy. This is what a young female bunny named Judy learns when she pursues her dream to become a police officer.

It may sound a bit corny and adolescent, but the story isn’t. It’s well-written with clever dialog, an engaging plot mystery and likable characters.

Plus, “Zootopia” is like this big world with different zones or habitats for different types of animal species. It’s a pretty cool concept in itself.

The only thing I didn’t like is that much of film’s environments are too dark (visually) with gloomy skies and a general lack of vibrant colors. Greater color contrast would have been great. This could have been due to the theater, but I checked 3D and normal showings and both seemed the same.

That notwithstanding, I’d say this is a great movie for kids – lots of action, fun characters and nice variety of locations.

For the adults: if you enjoy movies like Shrek and the Lego Movie, you might enjoy this movie. It has less wit, but still a lot of fun dialog and a good ‘timely’ story.


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