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The Avatar was born to the Hoshido royal family as the third eldest child of five. They were kidnapped as a young child and raised by the royal family of the neighboring kingdom of Nohr. The Avatar in Fates has the unprecedented ability to transform into a dragon, a similar trait to Manakete from past games of the series. They only gain the ability to transform after Chapter 5. As a member of royalty, the Avatar wields the power of Dragon’s Vein, allowing them to alter the terrain of a map. They are also the chosen wielder of the legendary Yato.


Azura is a gifted songstress and dancer, singing Lost in Thoughts All Alone several times in all routes. This song that has great power when used in conjunction with her pendant. If she achieves an S-Support, she will have a son named Shigure and can possibly be the mother of other children except male Kana. Her birthday is March 3.

Felicia is a maid working for the Avatar, serving their every need in the Kingdom of Nohr. She is also the younger twin sister of Flora and the daughter of the Ice Tribe‘s chieftain, Kilma. Naturally, Felicia has some control over ice, but is not quite as proficient as Flora. However, her fighting skills are superior to her older sister’s.

She’s not just a domestic servant, however. She and Flora were actually kidnapped away from the village of the Ice tribe to be held hostage to prevent them from starting a violent insurrection. Felicia herself appears unaware of this, however; when Niles confronts her about it, she denies that she is a hostage. In Felicia’s dialogue with Flora in the Nohr path, it’s implied that Kilma and Flora deliberately kept Felicia in the dark.

Jakob is a butler who serves the Avatar in the Kingdom of Nohr. Although born into aristocracy, Jakob lost connections with both of his parents, a fact that, according to his supports with Azura, stems from them never loving him and forging happy memories with him. Electing to follow the Avatar regardless of the choice that they make, Jakob attributes this to the kindness and compassion that they displayed towards him when he was alienated during his induction into the service of the Nohrian royalty. If he achieves an S-Support, Jakob will have a son named Dwyer.

Silas is a fledgling Knight of the Kingdom of Nohr and child of a Nohrian Noble family, having known the Avatar since childhood and considers them his best friend. The two were close and one day, Silas wanted to bring the Avatar out of the Northern Fortress on a picnic. However, he was caught by the guards and was nearly executed if not for the Avatar’s strong opposition. Instead, he was banished from the fortress, but he never forgot his friend. Silas decided to enlist in the Nohrian army, knowing that it was the best way to meet his friend again. If Silas achieves an S-Support, he will have a daughter named Sophie. His birthday is November 1. He has the unruliest hair.

Kaze comes from a long line of Ninja that has served the Hoshido royal family for generations. Kaze himself does not serve any particular master at the start of the game, but later pledges his services to the Avatar as his/her retainer in their A-Support. In contrast to his older twin brother Saizo, he is a polite and calm young man. If he achieves an S-Support, Kaze will have a daughter named Midori. He is the most well-liked member in the army. His birthday is October 2, the same as Saizo.

Mozu is a villager from Hoshido.

In her Paralogue, her village is attacked by the Faceless, killing everybody else in the village. As Mozu and her mother nearly make it out of the village, her mother is killed by one of the Faceless. As luck would have it, she would be rescued by the Avatar and their army, who were looking for survivors, of which she was the only one. Faced with few options, since she is by herself and has nothing of value anymore, she joins the Avatar’s army, and strives to be useful to their cause and to make up for everyone else’s sacrifice.

Shura is a thief from Nohr who was born in the former country of Kohga. Shura had a relatively happy life in Kohga until the neighboring kingdom of Mokushu invaded, razing the country and killing many of its people. Shura was one of the few survivors and became a refugee. He sought to make a new life in Hoshido, but was denied entry and settled in Nohr instead. Because of Nohr’s harsh conditions, Shura was driven to a life of crime to survive, and he eventually came to lead a gang of thieves. He was later hired by Hoshido to kidnap Azura from Nohr in retaliation for King Garon killing King Sumeragi and abducting the Avatar.


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