10 Things You Didn’t Know About Batman


The year 2012 was such a sad year for Batman’s fans as the Batman Trilogy came to a close with The Dark Knight Rises. But, Warner Bros. and DC Comics caused another stir in the superhero world and made fans super excited as they announced another Batman/Superman film to be released on the 1st quarter of 2016 with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie!

It’s time to mend those broken hearts for we are going to see our favourite superhero on the big screen again. But the question here is, how much do you know about the Dark Knight? Let’s take a look at these 10 interesting things that you didn’t know about Batman. Be ready to get surprised!

How Batman Got His Name

Bill Finger who was the co-creator of Batman is a big fan of historical figures. The name Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego, was derived from King Bruce I of Scotland. He was the leader of the Wars of Scottish Independence. His last name, on the other hand, was taken from Anthony “Mad Anthony” Wayne who is also a hero himself during the American Revolutionary War.

Batman’s “not-so-secret” Secret Identity

When you are one of the world’s greatest superhero, keeping your identity as a secret is always a must. But, there are actually 11 people who knew the Dark Knight’s secret. They are:
-Batman’s butler, Alfred
-Fellow superheroes Batgirl, Azrael and Superman
-Mr. Mute Handyman, Harold
-The three Robins, Dick, Jason and Tim
-The three villains, Hugo Strange, Bane and Ra’s Al Ghul

The Original Batman

Batman aka Dark Knight wouldn’t have been a “dark” knight if Kane did not ask for Finger’s input. The original Batman that Kane came up with was a blonde-haired guy with bat wings and mask that barely hid his face. Maintaining his anonymity would have been too much of a hassle!

Robin: The Unwanted Sidekick

While it is true that sidekicks play a very important role in every superhero mission, it doesn’t seem like it for 5,271 out of 5,343 fans who voted (via the toll-free hotline set up by DC Comics) to kill off Robin. However, DC Comics decided to bring the Boy Wonder back to life in 2005.

Batman and Robin Bromance

The rumour about Batman being a pederast and homosexual sparked when Batman and Robin were found sharing the same bed on Batman No. 84 Ten Nights of Fear! edition. However, the creators decided to put a stop to this rumour by creating a new character named “The Spoiler,” Tim Drake’s (the 3rd and final Robin) girlfriend.

Da Vinci’s Influence

Kane, who drafted the very 1st Batman costume, actually got the batwing idea from Leonardo da Vinci who studied how human beings can take flight like birds do. Da Vinci came up with the ornithopter design that served as Kane’s inspiration for Batman.

Playboy Batman

Believe it or not, there was once a time when Batman was on the brink of losing his popularity. Thanks to Hugh Hefner who remained as a loyal Batman fan. He rejuvenated the character by playing old Batman series in his Playboy Theatre in Chicago. It became so popular that Columbia Pictures and ABC made moves in bringing the character back to limelight.

Batman vs. Hitler

A lot of fans and non-fans have been debating as to whether or not Batman met Hitler. Well, they did meet once when Hitler and Batman were on the cover of World’s Finest #9. Batman had his share of taking Hitler down by throwing tennis balls at Der Fuhrer.

Batman vs. Dr. Doom

Long before the Fantastic Four were able to take Dr. Doom down, Batman already did the work for them. In Detective Comics #158, Dr. Doom was shown to have smuggled himself inside Batman’s secret lair where he eventually met his death.

The Chibatman

So, you’re an avid Batman fan, you say? Then, wait until you come across “Chibatman.” This 41-year old welder from Chiba, Japan took being a fan to a higher level by dressing up as the Dark Knight with his replica costume and went around the streets of Japan on his very own custom-made Batpod. His mission? To bring the smile back to the citizens’ faces after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake devastated Japan. And, he remains true to the superhero promise by keeping his identity a secret up until now.


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