5 reasons to cosplay Harley Quinn and Joker this Halloween


Halloween is getting in on us this time again with everyone preparing to rock the streets with their favorite clown’s costume. And there are just two characters that are getting close to being cosplay this Halloween.

You do not want to miss the reasons why Harley Quinn (Margot Quinn) and Joker (Jared Leto) are winning it.

First, the search for costumes on the Google Searches from every state in the country revealed curiously that Harley Quinn was most searched and this was followed closely by Joker thus making both the most sought after.

Another thing is the creativity. Though there is a lot of information available on how to cosplay the two, really, being a Quinn or Joker of you own is simple. And the costumes are just as available in stores.

In addition, cosplaying Harley Quinn and Joker is always sexy. I mean have you not seen how Harley Quinn has been portrayed through everything she has ever been in?

They have always don a skintight body suit especially Harley Quinn who has always been portrayed in promiscuous and revealing outfits.To be honest with you, People love those costumes. Who wouldn’t like a sexy outfit on his or her partner except for some hypocrite who will cry foul in the open and behind cherish it?


Similarly, the cuteness and personality of both; trying to separate the characters from their costumes will be as hard as people are either in love with either or both.

For Quinn, there is a beautiful, slim woman beneath the costume while in Joker is a man loving to be with. But what is important is people are going all their way out to cosplay these cute psychos with a cute personality.

Also cosplaying Harley Quinn and Joker this Halloween would be cute as every girl is going to dress up like her and ruin the character for everyone else. Don’t you think? I’m kidding. It is always lovely to dress up like Harley while your partner dresses up like Joker and seen other people do such.

In another way for the wonderful love relationship displayed by the two, it sure promises to be a great time for lovers/couples who want to have fun, rekindle their affair this Halloween. Some people are just worth being crazy for, no matter what.

Talk about the intense passion for someone abusive yet making up each time there is a hurt. Many ladies can relate to such fucked-up relationship but unable to let go no matter what.

Most girls can and they are just in for her this Halloween, she was a good person but got drawn in while trying to change the man she chose.

Memories are costly, be unique, be romantic in an exceptional way; you would not want to miss being fun. Meanwhile, the costumes can as well cater for a whole family; the adults, the kids.


It seems everyone is going to be doing it as stores are recording inability to keep wigs, props and other costumes on the shelf.


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