Forecast the fate of Star Wars 8 Jedi


It is only a few short months until the new Star Wars movie hits. If the sneak previews we have been given so far are anything to go by (and we must admit, it is not a lot), this is being set up to be one of the darkest Star Wars movies of all time. Since you are reading this, we have no doubt that you will be donning a Jedi costume for the premier, but what is the fate of the Jedi?

Speculation is rife right now. The movie is, of course, titled “The Last Jedi”. The problem is, Jedi could be plural or singular. Are we talking about a single Jedi, or are we just assuming that there are a few Jedi left? Could the Jedi left be Rey and Luke? Are there more people? We do know that the Jedi were killed out a while back, well most of them, but we also have the Star Wars movie “Return of the Jedi”

At the end of the last movie (The Force Awakens, although we are positive that you did not need us to tell you that), Rey met Luke. Shortly before, there was an indication that Rey was a Jedi due to the skillful way in which she harbored that lightsaber. Now, obviously, if she was a Jedi, it means that we have at least two Jedi left (Luke is one, don’t forget. I believe he was the last Jedi after Obi Wan Kenobi was killed).

However, if there are two Jedi left, and we are assuming that Jedi is singular here, then it could mean that either Rey or Luke are being killed off during ‘The Last Jedi’. We can’t see Rey being killed off any time soon, but with Luke now the only remaining original cast member, there is a chance that he will be the one to go, perhaps near the end of the movie.

This is, of course, if The Last Jedi is going to go down the ‘dark route’. Maybe there is a happy ending to all of it. Maybe the Jedi make a return. There is a good case for this too. There is speculation that Luke is an old Jedi trainer and stuff went a little bit wrong, hence why he is living in exile. If this is the case, then Jedi could be scattered throughout the Star Wars universe, and the whole movie is about trying to get them back before the First Order slaughter them. This would be a fun movie!

Of course, if the Jedi have been killed off for good (we hope not!), then you can wear a Jedi costume in their honor, perhaps at Halloween this year, or maybe because your children want to have some fun! If you really want to have an amazing time, then an Obi Wan Kenobi costume who is, quite clearly, one of the best Jedi of all time is going to go down a treat!


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