Tell you why everyone likes Captain America.

Who does not love justice and well-analyzed plan? Why else then won’t you love a man who stands for such? Captain America is the man called Steve Rogers.

He believes in what is right and fought till the end for that American wish. Talk about life and rights, liberty and freedom for every citizen across the world.

Captain America is the man you would vote for a man who believes in what’s right and fights to make that American Dream an American Reality. Cap truly believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every citizen.

I like a man who makes me see in him what I pursue myself and you will want to agree with me that he is. For one thing, Captain was always special in everything.

Growing up small, sickly and almost with no hope growing healthy, he still remained a unique person. This only reminds us that there is no strength in muscle but who you are within. In addition, he was brave, daring and intelligent.

For a child bullied while growing up, his mother taught him to be kind and made him understand that being compassionate is not the same as being weak.

At the root of his origin story, Steve is simply just a good person. He started out as a nice person whose innate goodness was instrumental in transforming him into the ultimate hero. His strength isn’t what makes him worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer, ‘Mjolnir, after all.

He witnessed the Great Depression, he was an orphan at a young age, he lost the joy of parentage yet he pursued the need to serve his country. Even after he was rejected by the US Military, he still hoped until he was chosen.

When he woke up from the ice, Steve was a man out of time. But instead of letting all of this get to him or becoming angry and bitter, Steve actively tries to form new friendships and fights to make America better.

To stand for what is right is a lot to do. When you have those you call family, much is to be sacrificed yet he never let go of his political opinion. He did not become a puppet in the hands of the US government.

He made it clear that he serves not the government but the people, instead, he’s dedicated to the American Dream and enforces that this should be a great country for everyone.

He’s above the politics and the back and forth of Washington D.C. Steve fights for America’s ideals, not for any political party.

Just like his shield, Captain America is a symbol of America, of hope and power. But Steve tries to be more than that, making him a hero through decades of political change and turmoil. He can’t be bought and he won’t be pushed around.


It takes an aggrieved person to comfort those who are grieving. Captain will always fight for the little guy because he was the little guy and understands what it’s like to feel helpless as he was once.

The world to me would be a better place if everyone had a friend like Captain America. When he discovered his good friend, Bucky Barnes had been brainwashed into being an assassin, he still believed in saving him and that he fought hard to achieve.

This man believed in redemption, he does not give up on anyone.

Captain America is an inspiration and it makes you want to launch into letting go of excuses and be the best you and the world could be proud of by being a Super Hero.


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