Albus Dumbledore is the most talented wizard of his time in Harry Potter. With a deep understanding of magic that no one ever had, academic excellence and outstanding performance with magic.

He had this aura of power around him. He knows just how to avoid being blinded by power hence, he avoided dark magic. Respected and feared even by contemporaries like Dark Lord Voldemort, Tom Riddle, he was greatly talented in a world of magical arts.

He began to attract admiration during his first year at Hogwarts. He uttered many odd sayings; he was always there for Harry and passed admirable lessons to him.


His intelligence, determination, has no parallel. He could overcome a seemingly impossible situation. He was a great strategist who eventually brought up the master plot to conquer Dark Lord Voldemort.


He was a man is able to make himself invisible without using the Invisibility Cloak. He merely used the Disillusionment Charm to do it. Also, he employs the human presence revealing spell to expose invisible human even if they are under the Invisible Cloak.


Dumbledore possessed a craving for knowledge. Also, he had a unique ability to create his own magical spell and devices. He was able to improve on existing ones. When he developed a means of interacting using the Patronus Charm, he taught the members of the Order of the Phoenix. In addition, he was a master of charms. He did things that no else ever did with the wand. He discovered the twelve uses of dragon blood.


He was the  most inspiring headmaster. He was a leader when it comes magic; wise and helpful to Harry. His intelligence, resilience, determination, kindness, had no parallel. He was the greatest headmaster Hogwarts ever had.  He carried out judicial roles with the government and he had numerous awards for his legendary personality. Professor

Dumbledore helped the world with his magic. He was always willing to sacrifice and that is a great attribute a leader could have. Also, he was not full of himself neither did he ever look down on anyone.

Harry was too full of himself and takes most things for granted, the professor was his positive. His responsibility to Harry Potter is so fatherly and self-sacrificing.

He was a strong man yet he recognized his weakness. He refused to accept the position of trust as the Minister of Magical Powers. He had a loving heart and would always rise even in a bad occasion. This he demonstrated when his sister died. He abstained from seeking power because he realized it was his weakness.


I just love this about the professor. He wields such an ability to protect his mindful thoughts against external interference- occulumency, while he was able to access the mind of others, which is Legilimency.  He rid his heart of being unnecessarily emotional, he was not open to influence as no one could even uncover his thoughts.


Dumbledore had an impressive duelling skill. He was defensive and offensive in his use of magical arts. He used silently use magic without attracting the attention of his foes.

One thing to remember is that he was nurtured so positively as a result of the many negative situations he had while growing up.


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